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We recognise over fifty qualifications

We welcome 'membership by exemption' applications from drivers and riders who hold selected professional qualifications (shown in the table below or download the PDF containing the full list above).

Accreditation of your company's training courses

We also offer a comprehensive accreditation programme for your organisation's driving and riding courses which may include IAM RoadSmart membership as part of the package. Contact our Business Services team on 0870 120 2910 for more details.

Membership benefits

IAM RoadSmart membership offers a host of personal benefits annual subscription to our magazine, potential reductions in motor insurance through our insurance provider Cornmarket Insurance Services and much more.

Join today and become a full IAM RoadSmart member

It’s quick and easy to join IAM RoadSmart. as a full member just click the link below. The annual membership fee is £37 and you’ll receive a full membership pack with personalised certificate.

Alternatively call our membership hotline on 0300 303 1134 and we will answer any questions you may have on valid exemption qualifications.

Recognised driving qualifications

  • Police Advanced Driving Certificate (F1RST membership)
  • Police Standard Response Driving Certificate
  • Emergency Fire Appliance Drivers (EFAD***)
  • Ambulance Driver (IHCD D2)
  • Regimental Staff Car course (Leconfield)
  • Defence Staff Car course (Leconfield)
  • Wedgewood Vehicle Advanced course (Leconfield)
  • Cardington Special Test
  • DVA Driver Examiner Certificate (Northern Ireland)
  • Car/LGV/PCV Examiner’s Warrant (DVSA)
  • Car/LGV Examiner’s Warrant (DDE)
  • Fire/Ambulance Service Instructor’s Certificate
  • Armed Forces Instructor’s Certificate
  • Bentley Chauffeur’s Certificate
  • Grade A Cardington Special Driving Test
  • National Express PCV Advanced Driver Course

***Only listed EFAD courses qualify. If your region is not listed then please contact us so we can accredit your region.

Recognised motorcycle qualifications

  • Police Advanced Motorcycle Certificate (F1RST membership)
  • Police Standard Response Motorcycle Certificate
  • Motorcycle Examiner’s Warrant (DSA)
  • Motorcycle Examiner’s Warrant (DDE)

See all the 50+ qualifications we recognise by downloading our exemption list