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Young Driver Assessment

Young Driver Assessment
  • Expert tuition in your own car
  • Pick up driving tips that will help keep you safe
  • Boost your confidence on the road
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Course overview

Why should you take it?

There’s a good reason why the youngest drivers pay the highest insurance premiums. Statistically they’re the most likely to be involved in an incident. But it’s hardly surprising that a lack of experience on the road can lead to more incidents, as it can take time to find your confidence and develop the good habits that will help to keep you safe.

This assessment is a great way to short-circuit that process and boost the confidence of drivers under 26-years-old. Our Young Driver Assessment is for drivers like you who appreciate that, even though you’ve passed your driving test, there are still plenty of things to learn and develop as you embark on your driving journey.

What can you expect?

This is not a lesson or a training module, but a relaxed and informal 1-hour review. Our expert will go out with you in your own car to evaluate different aspects of your driving style and see if there are any areas that could be improved. If there’s anything specific you’d like help with, simply let our expert know at the beginning of your session.

You’ll also have all the benefit of our expert’s considerable experience as they provide useful tips on any unexpected driving situations you may encounter and how best to safely navigate tricky road conditions.

Above all, this assessment will leave you with new skills and knowledge to make you a more confident and capable driver for the road ahead.

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Rate your skills and improve your driving

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One hour session in your own car

Choose a time to suit you

Chat through feedback and take away practical tips

Be more confident behind the wheel


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