We make better drivers and riders

Why join a local group?

As an IAM member you can get more involved in helping others become better drivers and riders, by being an active member of your local group. IAM RoadSmart has more than 200 groups across the UK, allowing members to meet like-minded people, share ideas and develop their skills. They are great fun, thanks to social events such as Sunday rides into the countryside, group skidpan courses, treasure hunts or track days, as well as exclusive visits such as a ‘behind the scenes’ tour of a motorway control centre.

You can also use your advanced skills to become an Observer or Volunteer. 

IAM RoadSmart couldn’t exist without the help of thousands of dedicated members who give their time to help others improve their skills. Having enjoyed the experience of learning with IAM RoadSmart, they want to make a difference and help others follow in their wheel-tracks. Our active volunteers are the lifeblood of IAM RoadSmart, and there are lots of ways you can get involved, such as helping out with local group activities or becoming an Observer.

Our local groups – there are more than 200 across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland – organise events to raise awareness of driving skills as well as social activities, such as organised rides for members. Active volunteers are always needed, and no special skills are required. What you will get back depends on what you put in but at a minimum, you can expect to feel like you are making a worthwhile contribution to a vitally important cause.

Thought of becoming an Observer with us?

IAM RoadSmart is always looking for members who want to take that next step, to become an Observer with their local group.

What is an Observer? Well, they do a lot more than simply watch what’s going on. They counsel and cajole, advocate and advise and help set drivers and riders on the road to being a better driver or rider You’ll need to be the sort of person who can inspire others to improve their driving or riding and who gets a buzz from helping people to achieve. Your own road skills are assessed and we’ll help develop your skills. The Observer qualification is an external one, verified by the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI), and gives you a qualification for life. Our Observers typically give between three and 12 hours of their time every month.

Download our information sheet here and contact your local group if you are interested in finding our more.