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Choose a gift that fuels their passion for driving and riding, gives them invaluable new, life-long skills and provides you with the peace of mind that they're safe on the road

Buy an Advanced Driver or Rider course gift voucher for just £149

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A gift voucher from IAM RoadSmart makes the perfect present. Our courses give your nearest and dearest the chance to enhance their driving and motorcycling skills, boost their confidence and join a community of around 85,000 Advanced Drivers and Riders.

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Your guide to IAM RoadSmart Advanced Course gift vouchers

Gift vouchers are available for both Advanced Driver and Advanced Rider Courses and include everything needed to help any driver or rider gain an advanced qualification. They make the perfect gift for Christmas, birthdays or any special occasion.

What's in the box?

  • The course voucher - which the recipient can activate at any time over the next 12 months
  • A getting started and top tips leaflet - that will help them start on their learning journey from the moment they receive their present
  • A referral discount voucher - so your loved one's friends and family can also share the Advanced Driving or Riding experience with them 

All presented in an attractive, colourful gift box to open, and sent with your love and best wishes.

They are sent to you to pass on with love 

Our gift vouchers are sent to you as the purchaser, for you to present or send on to your loved one for Christmas or their special day. There is space for you to add your own personal message on the voucher.

How to redeem the vouchers

Our vouchers are valid for twelve months from the date of purchase, so they can be redeemed when it's the right time for the recipient to start their course. All they need to do is call the activation number on the voucher, quote the reference code and then provide us with their contact details - it's as simple as that!

In 2020, this twelve month validity is ideal, as it allows you to give a valuable present to your loved one that they can hold until they are ready to start their course - or until coronavirus restrictions are lifted. Then, from the day they activate their voucher, they have at least another 6 months to complete their course.

How to order your gift vouchers

Please use the links below to order online or call 0300 303 1134.

Once the recipient calls in to activate the voucher we will ask their nearest local group to make contact and invite them to start their advanced course.

To ensure that you get your gift voucher pack in time for Christmas, please order before 5.00pm the 17th December 2020.