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Skills Days 2021: Booking now open!

We're pleased to announce that places for the 2021 motorcycle and car Skills Days are now open. Our jam-packed Skills Days give drivers and riders a chance to develop their own skills with qualified instructors using racing circuits as a classroom.

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News: Smart Motorways Response

IAM RoadSmart has previously given a cautious welcome to the government’s plans to improve the safety of smart motorways. To read IAM RoadSmart's response to the government's latest smart motorways statement, please click here.

Tips: Passing horses safely

Now that lockdown restrictions are beginning to ease, the number of riders looking to take their horses out on the road is likely to increase. Horses are powerful animals and have extremely heightened senses, so passing them in a car or on a motorbike needs to be done safely to protect the horse, rider, and yourself.

Read our top tips here.

Blog: Taking the Rural Road

In this week’s blog ‘Taking the Rural Road or Route’, IAM RoadSmart member Denis Cartmel, offers his insight into the world of driving agricultural vehicles and some of the key aspects other road users should be aware of.

Read the blog by clicking here.



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    Looking to buy IAM RoadSmart books, merchandise and clothing? Browse our range of branded goods which include polo shirts, jackets, mugs, badges, and our 'How to be a better driver/rider' books.

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    Our research and lobbying work

    At IAM RoadSmart we are passionate about keeping road users safe and lobby government to influence road safety policy.

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