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IAM RoadSmart is dedicated to making better drivers and riders, and we love to share your stories and achievements with our community. Below are just some of the inspiring stories from members and others in our wider community.


Member stories

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  • Pratt1

    An Unmissable Skills Day

    One member’s review of his experience on an IAM RoadSmart Skills Day. Running 13 Skills Day dates across the year, IAM RoadSmart use three race circuits including a mix of car and bike enthusiasts.

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  • Karen Allen 3

    Knowing no bounds

    "My first run report held a surprise for me; the word “outstanding” was used. After my second run, my Observer suggested I should book my test, unless… (he paused dramatically) unless I fancied an attempt at achieving a F1RST, in which case a few more runs should do the trick. I realised in that moment how much I had changed, how hungry I was to be the best I could be, and how could I ignore the dangled carrot of a F1RST?" Read the latest blog by Karen Allen here.

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  • Tram Car (2)

    Mental Health, Wellbeing and Riding

    Heidi Limbert discovered several passions and experiences have merged over the last few years. The main two being mental health and motorbikes. As a rider herself she discovered freedom and tranquillity on a bike, but now has learnt so much more.

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  • 67785501_2487254027985073_8420293090434088960_n

    My journey with IAM RoadSmart

    "Several years of riding had seen me develop several bad habits that I didn’t know I had. With the help of my Observer supplied by the Herts & Beds Advanced Motorcyclists group (HBAM) I had several sessions out on the road, a few classroom sessions and passed my advanced examination with a F1RST." Tony Smith, Hertfordshire Fire & Rescue Service Fire Bike Team Leader.

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  • Classic Car sheet 2

    Advanced driving in classic cars

    I passed my IAM RoadSmart assessment originally in 1992 driving a Peugeot 205 1.9 GTI, which I somehow managed to get as a company car – today this would be regarded as a serious contender for one of the best cars ever made and good examples sell for healthy sums. The classic car market is alive and well, and many hundreds change hands at auctions and on forecourts every month.

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