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IAM RoadSmart is dedicated to making better drivers and riders, and we love to share your stories and achievements with our community. Below are just some of the inspiring stories from members and others in our wider community.


Member stories

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  • Tram Car (2)

    A 25-year tribute to IAM RoadSmart

    Geoffrey Salt, has been an IAM RoadSmart member for 25 years. Keen to share his enthusiasm, and everything he has gained from the experience, he produced a blog. He is proud of each and every one of the associates he's met and trained as he tells us in his own words 'it’s been quite a journey'. It was November 1996 when I was walking around the NEC bike show when I spotted the IAM RoadSmart stand. I got chatting to Mike Barker, who happened to be the Chief Observer for my local IAM Derby Group. I explained to him that now that the family had grown up and I’d come back into biking, I felt I needed some additional help to cope with the volume of traffic that had built up over the previous 27 years.

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  • Screenshot 2021-07-30 at 17.38.29

    “Not a track day!” — riding Thruxton on a Zero S

    Once a wartime airfield, the historic Thruxton motor racing circuit prides itself on being among the UK’s longest, at 2.4 miles. Also the fastest — mainly because of the fabulously long and floaty Church Corner, which describes a long arc leading into a super-fast straight and winds up with a chicane just before the pit lane.

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  • Motorbike Rider First

    What makes a F1rst Class Pass?

    Richard Hewitt, Chairman of IAM RoadSmart's Worcester & Hereford Advanced Motorcyclists shares some hints and tips on how to achieve a F1rst in your Advanced Riding Test. Things you can control, prepare for and continued learning and development offered by the Group.

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  • GOPR0072

    Travelogue of IAM RoadSmart Motorcyclist Jim Merryfield

    Jim Merryfield, from the IAM RoadSmart Somerset Advanced Motorcyclists Group shares his travelogue Iberia by Bike detailing his adventures from Work Desk to Wild Camp. Find out more about his two- month journey through France, Spain and Portugal on a motorbike.

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  • Dave Champan 3

    Croft Skills Day 2021 by Dave Chapman

    Dave Chapman shares his experience after attending an IAM RoadSmart's Skills Day at Croft circuit.

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