IAM Examiner Role

What is the Examiner Qualification?

The Examiner qualification is the Institute of Motor Industry (IMI) approved award for IAM RoadSmart Examiners. You must hold this qualification to carry out the role of Examiner.

To be an Examiner you must:

  • Be an IAM RoadSmart member
  • Be an IAM RoadSmart Masters Driver / Rider or be qualified in advanced Police driving or riding
  • Hold the National Observer qualification

Can I still be part of a Local Group?
To maintain impartiality, you must not hold any Group Office roles, including being an Observer or being involved in Observer or Associate training, though you can remain a member of a local group to enjoy any social aspect.

Advanced driver and rider tests
Advanced driver and rider tests can take place during the week or weekend, at a location of your choice and a mutually agreed time and date – making this volunteer role flexible to meet your lifestyle. You will need to allow 90 minutes for the test, which includes a briefing, debriefing, and the on-road test which will last 60 minutes.

Please keep in touch with your Area Service Delivery Manager; they provide help, guidance, and support for this important volunteer role.


Examiner resources

Here you will find all the information and documents that you will need as an IAM RoadSmart Examiner. Please contact your ASDM if you need any further help or guidance.

Offsiding 2023:

Artboard 2



We have produced three webinars that you can use as training resources. Click the link to take you to the page where you can view the webinars and download them for group use.

  • Neurodiversity and Observation
  • Talk Smart – Tone of Voice
  • Coaching Skills

Please click here to view


Radios have been in use for many years on motorcycles, both for training and leisure communication between rider and pillion or several machines.

Previously IAM RoadSmart gave extensive advice relating to the use of radios and the prevalent technology at the time of writing, with three distinct qualification levels. This guidance replaces that documentation and the three-tier system which is no longer in use.

Although focussing on the term ‘Radio’, this documentation also applies to Bluetooth communications devices and similar future technologies.

For the sake of simplicity, the term ‘Radio’ is used throughout.

The terms ‘Observer’ and ‘Associate’ are not used in this document, as it covers the use of radios in all scenarios including Masters Mentoring and Observer Training. As such the terms ‘Trainer’ and ‘Trainee’ are used.


Other Supporting Documents

Below are some operational documents that may be of use, including a PDF PowerPoint presentation on off-siding:


NOA - Artboard 1


NOA - Artboard 1


NOA - Artboard 1

Sexual Harassment:

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NOA - Artboard 1

Zero Tolerance:

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